The Town of Carberry (population approximately 1600) and the Municpality of North Cypress-Langford (population approximately 2600) have a combined population of 4200 residents. 

We are growing and, unlike some parts of Rural Canada, we have seen new residents flock to the area. 

Our secret? We are a progressive, forward-looking community and, like our signs say, we are “Your Road to Family. Friends. Home”.

This is truly a great place to relax in your golden years, or to bustle around with a young family. 

We offer countless recreational, artistic and cultural venues for every age group. 

We have affordable housing from idyllic rural acreages to brand-new urban subdivisions and seniors’ housing. 

Our downtown and rural businesses are thriving and our choice of service, retail and restaurant establishments are nearly limitless.

With a new licensed Daycare Centre, new Collegiate Facility and our modern Elementary School, our educational opportunities are second-to-none. 

Our hospital and clinic, complete with 2 full-time doctors, a nurse practitioner and a dentist, cover our local medical needs with great compassion and efficiency.

We are also proud to be a National 5 Bloom, Communities in Bloom award winner!