Need a Building Permit?

The following requirements are found in the Zoning and Building By-Laws of the member municipalities of the Cypress Planning District:
“A written Development and or Building Permit shall be obtained by the owner or his agent for the excavation, erection, alteration, reconstruction, removal, demolition, repair, placement, conversion, addition or installation to any building, structure, prior to the commencement of any work.”

Further outline specifics are as follows: 

An application for a development permit is required for the following:

  • The erection or construction or placement of any building, structure or mobile home, except fences and ornamental light standards;
  • The Addition, extensions, structural alterations or conversions of any building or structure;
  • The use of vacant land, buildings or structures.
  • The change of use of land, buildings or structures;
  • The clearing of certain types of land as specified in this by-law;
  • The drainage and irrigation of all lands;
  • The development of sand, gravel, and mineral extraction operations

Structure: Anything constructed or erected with a fixed location on or below the ground, or attached to something having a fixed location on the ground and includes buildings, walls, fences,signs, billboards, poster panels, light standards and similar items.

Permit applications will be processed as received  lack of required documentation or delay of receipts of documentation will delay processing of permit applications.

Smaller projects (E.g. small decks, sheds renovations) will usually only require a site drawing and brief/sketch drawing of construction details, but larger projects (e.g. Major renovations additions, larger detached buildings, single family homes, multifamily units and commercial or industrial structures) will require much more information to be supplied in order that a thorough review of the project can be conducted.

This will include: 

Indicating location of the building or structure and showing distances to property lines and other buildings. 

This may be a sketch and does not have to be to scale as long as the information is shown. 

Sign and date the site plan and indicate the direction north (Tip: Google Earth air photos works well.)

Complete with plan view of all levels; foundation details, elevation details, cross sections and if required a series of section detail drawings. 

NOTE: On most larger projects, the foundation will be required to be stamped by an Engineer.

Usually this can be supplied by your lumber yard or directly by the floor/roof truss supplier. 

NOTE: Information on any special beams, lintels or support posts/columns is also required.

Information on duct work layout and sizing as well as equipment models and sizes and layout of any in-floor heating pipes (incl. size and model of boiler). 

This information is usually available from your mechanical contractor or supplier.

Construction cost Incl. all sub trades and materials less land.

Please Note: Smaller farm buildings (less than 600 m2 [6458 ft2]) are exempt from the Manitoba Building Code and will not require a building permit. 

However, they will require a development permit and a site plan to ensure zoning compliance. 

Larger farm buildings (over 600m2)will also require a building permit form the office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC).

Residential, commercial and industrial projects over 600 m2 and some special uses (e.g. educational, assembly and institutional) are less than 600 m2 will require a development permit from the Cypress Planning District and a building permit from the OFC.

Are required from Manitoba Hydro when changes or installation of electrical/gas systems are part of your construction projects.

In cases where a new onsite waste-water management system (septic) is being installed or an existing system is being upgraded.

It's been done as part of your project, then a permit is required from Manitoba Conservation and a copy of the approved permit will need to be supplied as part of your building permit application.

If a solid fuel burning appliance (wood stove, fire place, pellet stove) is being installed as part of your project then the appliance must be installed by a W.E.T.T. Certified installer and a copy of installation report will need to be supplied to the Cypress Planning District.